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5 Reasons Why Everyone in Their 20s Should Try Living Solo

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Congratulations, you’re an adult! With all the freedoms that adulthood brings us, there are also things that aren’t so great such as bills, a slowing metabolism, responsibilities, etc. We all know money doesn’t grow on trees which is why many people opt for a roommate when looking for their first place - or a place in general - to live at. The idea of living alone can be extremely terrifying - Can I afford it? What if I get scared? Will I get lonely? But in reality, it should be viewed as freeing.

For some, moving out on your own is a big leap, especially if it’s your first time living outside of your parent's home. But if you are able to take the dive, you won’t regret it. A lot of the time we get in our own head and think we can’t do something when in reality we can. So can you afford your new place? Be honest with yourself and budget, chances are, you can. Will you get scared? At times, probably yes, but over time that fear goes away and turns into strength. Will I get lonely? Living on your own doesn’t mean permanently being alone. You can still hang out with loved ones! It just might take a bit more effort than it did before.

According to a study by the University of Michigan, living with someone who engages in risky behaviors has slipover effects, and an anxious roommate can make you more on edge while a happy roommate won't necessarily have a positive influence on your mood. This brings us to the 5 reasons why everyone in their 20s should try living solo (cue “Riding Solo” by Jason Derulo).

You learn true independence: There’s nothing more freeing than being in total control of all of your decisions and spending. Living on your own gives you the ability to choose where and how you want to spend your money, your time, and so much more. Hate meatloaf? You NEVER have to eat it again! Want a fridge full of just cheese? We advise against it but go for it! Learning independence allows you to truly learn who you are without the influence of others!

You become who you were meant to be: Speaking of learning who you are, spending that much time on your own allows you to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, desires, goals, personality, and overall life path. It allows you to reflect on where you are and who you are surrounded by, as well as where you want to be. It gives you time to create goals for yourself and become better. Spending time alone can give you a chance to make sure there’s a purpose for your hard work.

You have a space of your own: Finally, a quiet, safe space that is all yours to come home to! After a long, stressful day, coming home to a messy place with your roommate and their significant other is the last thing you need. Living in your own space allows you to make your home your sanctuary. No more weird decorations, no more pesky roommates getting in your space or taking over your personal time. Make it a place you want to come home to, a place that brings you peace and happiness.

You learn how to do things by yourself: Ever put together an entertainment center by yourself? You will now. Living on your own allows you to, perhaps for the first time ever, do things by yourself. This can be something like washing the dishes or doing laundry or something big like building an entire dresser or plunging your rapidly overflowing toilet. Whatever the task might be, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after you have tackled it.

You don’t have to wear pants: A less serious reason why you should look forward to living alone, but do you know how freeing it is to not wear pants, or a bra, or … anything? No roommates come with the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want (although your neighbors might not appreciate some of your actions if it involves loud noises).

Although all these reasons are great, did we mention you are in full control of the thermostat? After you have felt the joys and perks of living alone, you may question why you didn’t do it sooner! There are so many more reasons why you should try living alone. Let us know what your favorite part of living alone has been in the comments below.

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