5 Must-Have Artists for Your Cold Front Playlist

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Ready or not, here come those cold, foggy mornings. As the degrees drop from 80 to 30, it's time to swap out the tank tops and shorts for your favorite pair of joggers and cozy sweaters. Just as your apparel changes, so does your music. Unlike your hot girl summer tunes, your cold-weather jams tend to bring up life reflection and thoughts of relationships. Whether you're preparing for holiday travels or relaxing next to the fire, here are a couple of must-have artists for your winter playlists.

1. Brent Faiyaz 

The Baltimore native has brought the R&B game back to the boys. With his soulful melodies and irresistible lyrics, Brent will be great for setting the mood for any occasion this winter. Whether it’s enjoying a bubble bath or getting over your latest ex, Faiyaz's sweet combinations of melancholy chord structures and layers of his smooth-rustic voice do a great job at enticing his listeners. Being fairly new to the game, Faiyaz has only released one full album, Sonder Son. Since then, he has released two singles and fans are crossing their fingers for an album drop by the end of December. For now, check out a few of his past hits.

2. Solange 

You might know her as Beyonce’s little sister but Solange is much more than that. With an exquisite vocal range, Solange pushes the limits of music by layering smooth rhythms underneath her bold sound. Her new album, When I Go Home, includes more electronic instrumentals and has helped pave the way for a new era of female indie-pop artists. If you're a fan of Alicia Keys's soft melodies, Solange is essential for your musical medleys this winter season. Here are some of Solange’s most popular songs voted by Spotify. 

3. Willow 

The “Whip My Hair” phase of Willow has long been gone and if you haven’t kept up with her latest music then, “Wait a Min” because she is a must-have for your playlists. Not only has she been defying expectations of pop music lovers, but the LA native has also reached new heights in the alternative genre as well. What she lacks in vocal range on her latest album, WILLOW, she makes up for in overall production. Willow's sound provides the perfect soundtrack to those foggy mornings in traffic or that impromptu dance party in your cozy socks. For only being 18 years of age, Willow is currently one of the most mature and creative artists in the industry. It’s very hard to tie her down to any specific genre but here are some songs to get you vibing with her. 

4. Xavier Omar 

We know it's cuffing season but if you're struggling with the status of your relationship, don't worry. Xavier Omar will tell you if it's lust or love. You may know him from 2017's “Runnin’ Round” but if you don't, then you will quickly find that he will call you out on any bullsh*t between you and your partner. Not in a relationship? His Moments Spent Loving You and Hours Spent Loving You EPs will have you thinking about the one that got away. Sonically, Omar has expanded his collaborations by working with the widely talented electronic artist, Sango. So if you are not still over your ex or if you don’t know if your current significant other is the one, then give Xavier Omar a listen. From the sound of his songs, the poor man has been through it. Don't just take our word for it. Here are a few songs as proof.

5. NAO 

For easy-going vibes and laid back beats, NAO is your go-to girl. The AfroBeat artist has a voice like no other and promises to focus on self-love and letting go of the past. Not only does she belt out vocals effortlessly but she is filled with funk and soulful sounds that will leave you wanting more. She was a major hit with the release of “Bad Blood” and “Girlfriend” in 2016, but these timeless classics are still bops to belt at the top of your lungs. Her most recent album, Saturn, was promising and exhilarating for her die-hard fans but for you newcomers, it's the perfect album to jam out to with finals coming up. These songs will have you living the best version of yourself. 

Adding new music to your playlists can be a hit or miss. With the cold front in effect, these artists are sure to help your mind, heart and soul prepare for those cold holiday travels and the end of semester haze. So whether you need a temporary escape from the world, want to belt out falsettos or can’t get over your ex, there's surely a new artist to warm you up during this chilly season. 

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