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5 K-Pop Groups to Listen to Other Than BTS

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In case you didn't know, there has been a global phenomenon, known as K-pop, that has completely taken over the world. K-pop, which stands for Korean Pop Music is a music genre that embraces a variety style of music such as pop, hip-hop, R&B, EDM, rock, and much more. However, K-pop is not just about the music, which is why it has become so popular. The catchy choreography and insane music videos being part of the Hallyu Wave, or the Korean cultural wave spreading around the world, has allowed this music genre to enter through the ears of millions across the globe.

Being a K-pop fan for more than 7 years, my personal list of recommendations is obviously endless, but these are some of the K-pop groups that you should definitely add to your playlist:


UP10TION is a ten-member boy group that debuted in September 2015. Not only are their songs repeat worthy, but their insanely awesome choreography has given them the title as one of the best dance groups in K-pop. With their most recent release, Blue Rose, it is no wonder why this group deserves way more recognition as their vocals and rap skills are the cherry on top to a beautiful playlist. Did I mention, you can see this group live? They will be performing in Dallas for the second time on June 4 at South Side Music Hall. Grab your ticket at kpoptickets.com & experience their amazing talent live! & If you’re asking yourself if you should spend more than $200 to personally meet them, I would suggest not looking at your bank account and clicking the ‘Place Order’ button without hesitation just like I did.


CLC is a seven-member girl group that debuted under the famous company known as Cube Entertainment. The group’s name derives from the expression “crystal clear” as the group aims to conquer clear concepts. Basically, they slay in every type of musical genre they experiment with. They initially debuted with five-members with a cute-like concept. With the addition of two members, they have released bops that always sound different from each other. Their most recent release simply titled ‘No’ shows a powerful chic style that is perfect for when you want to feel fierce or when you simply can’t say no. Check out their iconic music video below filled with bright lights and outfits that will make you say, “YASSS QUEENS SLAY!”


VAV is a seven-member boy group that debuted in October 2015.

The group’s name is shortened from the phrase ‘Very Awesome Voice.’ Clearly there's a reason why they chose this name. Hint: their voices are those of angels! Their most recent release, “Thrilla Killa,” showcases their powerful vocals and stunning visuals. Although this comeback only includes six-members due to one of them having a busy schedule in China, it still shows how empowering they can be even without one of them there. Make sure to check them out & see how quick they can hypnotize you with their irresistible looks & voices.


MOMOLAND is a nine-member girl group that debuted two years ago in November. Their popularity skyrocketed after their iconic song “Bboom Bboom” was released in January of last year. That song was also my #1 song of 2018! Since then, they have been given the title as the group with the catchiest songs and choreography. Basically, if you don’t have them on your playlist, you’re not living your life to the fullest. Their recent comeback, “I’m So Hot,” consisting of only seven-members due to the other two focusing on their health, infuses an electro-swing style that will be stuck in your head for days. Not only that, their choreography is once again so easy and fun that you’ll be dancing in your sleep. Once you go to Momoland, you’ll never want to leave! *evil laugh*


Last, but certainly not least, we have the talented co-ed group known as KARD. They debuted in July 2017 under DSP Media, home to one of the most iconic and legendary girl group in K-pop history. The group consists of two girls and two guys. BM, the tall, blonde, god-like member, is the reason why I’m single. If you’re asking yourself why, basically he’s one of the men in the world who will make you say, “I want nobody nobody, but you.” *clap, clap* Their songs have consisted of a very latin-type feel that also includes super catchy choreography. Their recently released single, “Bomb Bomb,” will definitely make your existence explode into a river filled with happiness and joy. It will also make your playlist a bit more lit. No pun intended!

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