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5 Fitness Vloggers You Should Be Following

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It’s summer, which means there is a ton of time to get your body looking and feeling healthy. It’s not always an easy task to do alone, so I like to keep up with the fitness community online. Watching vloggers who started off just like you is so much more motivating than going to the gym every day and doing workouts you found on Pinterest. These fitness vloggers share their everyday lives, eating habits, and videos of their workouts. Form is always a huge issue I face when I workout and the videos they upload are a good start to figuring it all out.

1. Heidi Somers


Heidi aka “Buff Bunny” is a great person to look into if you need the motivation to lose weight. She is always sharing workouts on her social media to help burn fat and will even share tips on skincare and food. In her fitness vlogs, she has videos demonstrating the workouts she does and has voice-overs explaining why it helps and where you should be feeling the most burn. If you are looking to invest in quality leggings and workout sets I strongly suggest you check her line out. Mustard yellow workout sets? Yes, please.

2. Christian Guzman


Christian is one of the OG fitness youtubers. He started making his videos in 2012. Christian is in competition mode right now and his videos focus on his weight loss and muscle gain. He shows how to prep and the actual struggles of preparing for a competition. He also shares a lot of interesting day-to-day experiences he has such as hanging with his gym friends, taking out his two dogs, bonding with his girlfriend (Heidi Somers who is also an amazing Youtuber), and playing the guitar. He also owns his own gym in Texas if you ever have time to visit near Houston. If you are searching for flattering gym clothes that sit on your body just right check out his site → https://alphaleteathletics.com/

3. Jazmine Garcia


Nothing will make you feel more motivated to hit the gym than popping onto Instagram and seeing Jazmine post her vacation pictures in her bikini. Jazmine is actually Nikki’s BFF and is basically the one recording Nikki whenever she posts a workout video. Jazmine is really knowledgable on nutrition and shares diets that are popular but do not necessarily work for her. It’s always a relief to hear the honesty behind popular diets before taking time to commit to them.

4. Maxx Chewning


Going to start off by saying that Maxx has a Goldendoodle named Dood, is that not the cutest thing? Maxx shares a lot of fitness vlogs on his channel and they are hilarious. Maxx is ambitious and has his own line of apparel called @EverForward that has a great following on social media. Maxx’s main focus is strength, so a lot of videos entail powerlifting and consuming a massive amount of calories. You always bump into fitness vloggers who are trying to lose weight, but Maxx will teach you how to gain muscle.

5. Nikki Blackketter


Nikki is the very first female fitness Youtuber I started watching. She is very active on her socials and I find her Instagram videos so beneficial if you are looking for workouts for specific body parts. Are you really going to curate your own workouts every day after work? There is just not enough time in a day when I’m running around trying to get stuff done. Between work and school, it can be hard to set time aside to figure out which workouts to do. She shares a lot of great tips on pre-workouts, gym shoes, and even the right undies to wear at the gym (which is super important, especially on leg day).

Working out can be hard, but with a little influence you can slowly start to pace yourself. Living a healthy lifestyle and starting a fitness journey can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions and if you are not close to people who love fitness it may be hard to get those questions answered. These fitness vloggers make videos on the right ways to eat, the gym shoes with the most support, the realities of training, and insight on their day-to-day routines that can give you the motivation you need. Good luck on your #SummerShredding!

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