5 Facts About How a Guy's Brain Works

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

If there’s one thing we all know for sure, it's that guys and girls think very differently. And we have the science to prove it! After thorough research, we compiled five factual differences between male and female brains. So the next time you are arguing with somebody of the opposite of sex, you can try viewing things through their eyes! Let's get into the research about the brains of males and females.

1. Guys and girls see things differently…literally.

The next time you are arguing about who saw what, keep in mind that guys and girls' eyes are literally programmed to work differently. Men biologically have thicker retinas and a higher M cell count, which means our eyes are better at tracking moving objects. Females on the other hand, biologically have a higher P cell count. This makes their eyes much better than a man’s when it comes to discerning colors and other objects from one another.

2. Dudes get lonely too.

While both men and women get lonely, research shows that men tend to be impacted more severely than women. So girls, next time you call your guy out for not listening to you, (which is completely false, us guys are ALWAYS listening…) keep in mind we are enjoying your company and are thankful to be with you.

3. Guys' brains tend to gravitate toward marriage… most of the time.

Before you start getting flustered about how your last guy cheated on you, remember the title for this one said most of the time. The “promiscuity gene,” which is absent in roughly 60% of the male population, is a good thing! Males who are missing this gene tend to live and seek healthy companionship, A.k.a., their life partner.

4. We all have emotions. Yes, this includes guys.

Men actually tend to have stronger emotional reactions than women - crazy, right? It’s almost as if guys aren’t a stone-cold, emotionless shell of a body! The thing is, the male brain is trained from a young age to suppress these emotional reactions due to societal pressures to respond in a “manly” way to all situations. So the next time you scream at a guy and they ignore you, just know we are probably crying inside.

5. Girls are better at remembering things.

We may never admit it, but science will. Scientifically, the female brain is much better at remembering details that often fly right over the average guy's head, but it’s not our fault! Studies show that as we get older, we all tend to get increasingly forgetful. However, from a young age, the female brain tends to have greater short-term and verbal memorization over their male counterpart.

Well there you have it, guys and girls will never be able to think alike, scientifically that is. Which of these facts surprised you the most? Were there any you weren’t expecting? Let us know what you think and which you might not agree with! We want to hear from you, so hit us up at @thisisuproar on Instagram.

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