5 Dos and Don'ts of First Dates

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

One of life’s most dangerous minefields is the dating world. One minute your date can be going smooth as can be - great conversation, bomb food, and good company. But then the next minute, BOOM. Whatever you said was said, whatever you did was done and it's over. In other words, dating goes from zero to one hundred real quick. We've dipped our toes a few times in the dating game, so we wanted to provide you our top five dos and don’ts of first dates, but with a twist. All from a guy’s perspective.

#1. DON'T talk about yourself too much

Going on a first date is supposed to be a testing of the waters. You get to learn a little bit about them, and they get to learn a little bit about you. So you definitely shouldn’t be giving them the script for your personal documentary. Do not speak about yourself too much or you’ll have your date questioning whether you went out with them to get to know them, or if you really just came to hear yourself talk and get a nice meal.

#2. DO offer to share the tab

Always offer to split the bill! Don’t expect your date to pay for the whole night. If you believe that the person you are with should pay for the entire first date, that’s okay too! However, if you do end up asking to split the tab, you will get to see how close your date meets your expectations. Before you know it, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not they are relationship material for you.

#3. DON'T ask about previous relationships

This should be a pretty straight forward one. Interrogating your date about their body count, how many relationships they've been in, and their overall past dating history is a huge no-no for the first date. It can also make you look a little bit like the jealous type. Don't be surprised if your date gets fed up and leaves halfway through the dinner because of your invasive questions. Save these for when you’re actually dating the person, rather than the first date.

#4. DO be yourself

When you are going out on a date, that’s exactly what it should be! YOU going out on a date, meaning stay away from saying things you wouldn’t normally say or do, and don't lie about who you are for the sake of impressing your date. Remember, this is a date, not an interview! You should never try to impress a potential prospect with who you aren’t. Think about how awkward it would be explaining to them later on that you lied about being a CEO supermodel who played in the NFL. Yikes.

#5. DON'T bring up your previous relationships

Whatever you do, do NOT bring up your previous hook-up stories, your ex’s jokes, what your partner three years ago used to do, or anything even remotely close to this. Does this really need to be explained? Nobody wants to go on a date with somebody who compares them to their previous attempt at love, or even worse, appears to not be over an ex-flame.

Humans are most definitely more complex than a few tips on a do and don’t list, but hopefully, this gives you a bit of a guiding hand as you enter the anxiety-inducing wolves den that is first date territory. Any tips you have for people and their future first dates? Let us know on Instagram @thisisuproar.

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