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5 Asian Influencers You Should be Following

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

If you’ve never heard of BLACKPINK or the movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” it probably means you’ve been living under a rock with the worst internet service in the world, because even if I was living under a rock, I would’ve heard of them. Rewind back ten years however, and it would’ve been an extremely relatable situation. Growing up, turning on a TV, the chances of seeing a face like mine on the screen was almost zero to none, but now millions of asians just like me have someone to look up to. Asian talent has begun to emerge in all areas of entertainment, whether it's by doing comedy on Youtube, performing in front of crazed fans in sold out arenas, or modeling the latest couture at Paris Fashion Week. So forget the stereotype that asians are shy, quiet book-nerds who do nothing but cram for the SAT. Asians are taking the world by storm and we’re only just beginning. But don’t let me convince you. Check out the five influencers making waves below and let them change your mind.

1. Jennie (Full Name: Jennie Kim), 23


An artist who really doesn’t need any further introduction, Jennie Kim (known as Jennie) is an honorary member and one of the lead rappers of BLACKPINK, the K-pop girl group whose music video for their song “Kill This Love” broke YouTube records when it surpassed Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” for most viewed video in a 24 hour period. Their phenomenal set at Coachella wowed music fans and influencers alike, and has cemented their rise to stardom in America. Jennie’s solo performance of her song "SOLO” made her the first ever K-pop solo artist to perform at the music festival, and her music video for the song has made her the first K-pop female artist to reach 300 million views. Jennie was born in Seoul, Korea, but grew up in New Zealand before she moved back to Korea in 2010 to pursue her music career at YG Entertainment. Currently Jennie is on the BlackPink In Your Area Tour with her fellow group members, and is also the current Chanel Ambassador for Korea.

2. Jenn (Full Name: Jenn Im), 28


Jenn Im got her start through her Youtube channel ClothesEncounters, where by showcasing her makeup talents with tutorial videos, and producing fashion guides and lifestyle recommendations, quickly drew wide audiences that found her personality bubbly and relatable. From there, Im’s rise to fame has been more than steady, rocketing her to a following of 1.7M Followers on Instagram. A lifestyle and fashion icon, Jenn has made appearances at events like Revolve Festivals and Beautycon, and has branched out her talents to create clothing line @eggieshop.

3. Bretman (Full Name: Bretman Rock), 20


Bretman has never found an excuse to not be his fierce, extravagant and unapologetic self, and has been working his style and personality from a young age. Born in the Philippines, Bretman later moved to Hawaii where he grew up on a small island. His witty remarks, humor, and unbounded energy on Instagram has gained him fame among his legions of fans. The love and support from his friends and family, along with being in a small town where everyone knows everyone, has allowed his personality to flourish free from hate and judgment. This environment has also helped him stay grounded as his life has changed dramatically with fame. The humor found in Bretman’s Instagram videos are more than just for a small laugh when scrolling down your feed, but shows you deserve to be who you are and love yourself despite all of your haters.

4. Eugene (Full Name: Eugene Lee Yang), 33


You’ve seen him in BuzzFeed videos and know him as one of the ‘Try Guys’. After graduating from the University of Southern California, his work for BuzzFeed began when he joined in 2014 as both a producer and actor, and was given the freedom to create whatever his heart artistically desired. Blending humor with social responsibility, Eugene’s videos have tried to raise greater awareness about Asian-American and Korean American culture by exploring stereotypes about Asian-Americans. His rise to fame has been an inspiration to many, acting as a role-model to aspiring Asian comedians and actors, and also acting as an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Currently he is committed to finding projects with more dynamic Asian-American representation on screen.

5. Aimee (Full Name: Aimee Song), 31


In the time that it takes you to figure out what you’re going to have for lunch, Aimee Song has already relaunched her website Song of Style, published her second book “Aimee Song: World of Style”, and hit 5 million followers on Instagram. Song is a fashion blogger who began her passion project during her freshman year of college as a hobby. Some of the biggest challenges Song has faced include trying to break social and what mainstream media said was beautiful, because she didn’t fit into that box. And where once she was seated in the sixth row at a Betsey Johnson fashion show, you’ll now find Song sitting front row at every major Fashion Week show.

Know an Asian influencer who didn’t make it to our list? Comment below what you think of our list and who you think should’ve made it!

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