4 Comidas to Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Fall is a frightful season full of spooky vibes, ghoulish characters and adrenaline rushes that keep us on our toes. Despite the same connotations that come with the name, Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, it isn't so frightening.

Dia De Los Muertos is a Hispanic holiday that is anything but scary. This day is dedicated to celebrating the dead and showing appreciation through the creation of artistic altars that represent lost loved ones. Some items included in the altars are mementos of the dead, favorite colors, candles and of course a lot of food. From your favorite cousin to your chatty great-grandma, Dia De Los Muertos brings everyone back together. No matter which member of the family you are, you're sure to find a dish to indulge in.

Here are 4 meals to help prepare for the celebration of your loved ones:

Chicken Mole

If you're into trying new things and aren't afraid of a kick of spice, then chicken mole is just for you! This traditional dish has some interesting ingredients such as Mexican chocolate, ancho chile peppers, and raisins. It's a unique combination highly favored within Mexican culture. As a staple dish that's been passed down for generations, mole brings back childhood memories to those from all walks of life and can easily revive past experiences of sharing a meal of mole with friends and family. The lengthy preparation time can be tiresome and even frustrating, but once made, this dish redeems all of the reward in flavor. If you're interested, try this recipe.

Pan Dulce

Pan dulce, also known as “conchas", is a sweet bread that is the perfect addition to sipping coffee and sharing “chismes” in the early morning. This treat takes a bit of time to prepare when making it from scratch, but if you're not much of a baker you can find it at any local Mexican market or bakery. These decadent desserts are great for snacking while listening to the juiciest family gossip and are very filling - best part. If your loved one was a great host or could always dish out the latest gossip then try crafting this recipe in their honor.


Rumored to be a cure for a hangover, pozole, is the perfect meal to try if you are always enjoying a good time with your family members. Made with pork, hominy and dried chiles, pozole, is one of the simplest meals to make. It is versatile and suited for everyone since it can be garnished with cilantro, onions and lime for the perfect balance. Whether you are celebrating the holidays with family or your prima’s quinceañera OR are the first one to the bar and the last one on the dance floor - you'll be the life of the party with this dish! If you're trying to bring the good times to your family, start by making this recipe for a great bowl of pozole.

Traditional Pork Tamales

If you enjoy tedious tasks and working in groups, tamales are just for you. Tamales bring families closer and provide an intimate time to catch up on life. With many steps and procedures in the preparation process, it's recommended to assign family members to areas such as filling the meat, spreading the masa, cleaning the husks and cooking the tamales. If you have a big family, these tasks create a great opportunity to collaborate and bond with each other! Tamales represent hard work and dedication. Do you have what it takes to tackle this cooking challenge? Here's a recipe that's sure to put you to the test. 

Every family has a mixture of personalities that don't always see eye-to-eye. However, it's nice to set those differences aside to celebrate the life of those who have passed. Whether you're the thrill-seeker, the wild child, the business bee or the gossip of the family, you're sure to find a dish to enjoy while you reminisce with loved ones. If you aren’t afraid of a tear-jerker and want to learn more about culture, check out “Coco” on Netflix. And as always, stay tuned for more on Uproar. 

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