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22 Songs To Have You Livin' Like Lizzo

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Whether you’re heading back to the ol’ high school or dreading those walks across your college campus, back-to-school season is inevitably upon us. Despite all the deals on clothes and the cute notebooks on shelves, Hot Girl Summer cannot continue into September. It's time to evolve into the baddest (aka. best) version of yourself.

These songs will have you feeling unstoppable, successful, and glowing with good vibes. Just sprinkle your favorite Lizzo tunes and you'll have your ultimate feel-good playlist. And since everyone already has those Lizzo lyrics in their Instagram feed, we've included caption-worthy lyrics for your next golden-hour selfie.

1. TOMBOY – Princess Nokia

Notable lyrics: “Little titties, I’m so pretty” and “My little titties and my phat belly – That girl is a tomboy!”

Why we added it: Who doesn’t love self-love and self-confidence? Also, when was the last time you heard a song about tomboys? Now.

2. On a Roll – Ashley O

Notable lyrics: “I’m on a roll. Ridin’ so high, achieving my goals” and “So full of ambition and verve, I’m gonna get what I deserve” Why we added it: Black Mirror didn’t have to go that hard, but we’re thankful.

3. We Got the World – Icona Pop

Notable lyrics: “We’re just living life and we never stop, we got the world” and “We found a way to live the dream until we die” Why we added it: Sounds like two girls living the dream together...seems familiar.

4. Boys – Charli XCX

Notable Lyrics: Can the music video count? Otherwise – the entire song where she talks about all the different boys she needs for each checkbox. That’s like fanatics, noting the song that each member of One Directions sounds the best in. Why we added it: Don’t be mad…I was busy thinking ‘bout boys.

5. Pynk – Janelle Monae

Notable lyrics: “Pink like the paradise found” and “I wanna fall through the stars – getting lost in the dark is my favorite part”

Why we chose it: These lyrics were the least provocative ones we could find but this is definitely an underrated queer anthem. If you aren’t body confident, this will definitely make your cheeks pink.

6. Q.U.E.E.N. – Janelle Monae

Notable lyrics: “I heard this life is just a play with no rehearsal, I wonder will this be my final act tonight?” and “Am I a freak for dancing around? Am I a freak for getting down?... yeah I wanna be” Why we chose it: We’re breaking the norm, baby. Janelle is doing her part and we’re doing ours.

7. it’s not u it’s me – Bea Miller

Notable lyrics: “it’s not you, it’s me – I’m the only one I need” and “It’ll be fine, self-love ain’t selfish” Why we chose it: You must love yourself before you can spread the love to others.

8. S.L.U.T. – Bea Miller

Notable Lyrics: “Know that I’m not sorry, I’m just loving my body” and “If you don’t like what I’m wearing, well, you’re only bothered ‘cause you’re staring” Why we chose it: Because we’re tired of being told to dress to our “body types” or whatever. Who wants to be told their apple-shaped, anyways?

9. Wasabi – Little Mix

Notable lyrics: “Love to hate me, praise me, shame me, either way you talk about me” and “I can feel you hatin’ on me, I’m glad to be your inspiration – the topic of your conversation” Why we chose it: Was it Paris Hilton that said “There’s no such thing as bad press – all press is good press”?

10. Joan of Arc – Little Mix

Notable lyrics: “Fanning myself, I’m stanning myself” and the angry weird male voice who says “Oh, are you the feminist type?”, to which the girls reply “Hell yeah I am!” Why we chose it: “Make way for the G-O double D E-S-S” and then add an “es” because goddess run this agency.

11. Sue Me – Sabrina Carpenter

Notable lyrics: “feeling myself can’t be illegal” and “so sue me for looking so pretty tonight” Why we chose it: Because boys can be drama queens too.

12. God is a woman – Ariana Grande

Notable lyrics: “When is all is said and done, you’ll believe God is a woman” Why we chose it: See above.

13. successful – Ariana Grande

Notable lyrics: “Yeah it feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful” and “tonight I’m a baller, baby” Why we chose it: We’re young and successful - we are manifesting this into our lives.

14. 7 rings – Ariana Grande

Notable lyrics: the entire song, to be honest (you know the lyrics) Why we chose it: We wish our receipts looked like phone numbers. Like we said, we are manifesting it.

15. no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande

Notable lyrics: “Right now I'm in a state of mind I wanna be in like all the time” and “We're out here vibin'” Why we chose it: Hot Girl Summer ended and there's not room for tear during Spooky Girl Season.

16. The Life – Fifth Harmony

Notable lyrics: “Don't sleep 'til we see the daylight” and “We the best in the biz, breaking off, betting chips” Why we chose it: A simple, yet underrated jam.

17. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld

Notable lyrics: “Keeping that tempo right without you” and “Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else” Why we chose it: We’re thriving on our own this season.

18. Power – Little Mix

Notable lyrics: “You should know, I'm the one who's in control” and “Yeah they call me Lamborghini cause I know just what I'm worth” Why we chose it: Ambitions, ambitions, ambitions.

19. B*tch Better Have My Money – Rihanna

Notable lyrics: “Don't act like you forgot, I call the shots” and “Kamikaze if you think that you gon' knock me off the top” Why we chose it: For that one person from middle school who still owes you money.

20. Homemade Dynamite – Lorde

Notable lyrics: “Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired blowing up shit with homemade dynamite” and “I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lines” Why we chose it: LWWY (Live While We’re Young).

21. Me Too – Meghan Trainor

Notable lyrics: “I can't help lovin' myself and I don't need nobody else” and “I walk in like a dime piece, I go straight to VIP” Why we chose it: That one annoyingly catchy song that is actually semi-cute.

22. Level Up – Ciara

Notable lyrics: “I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading” and “Thank God I never settled, this view is so much better” Why we chose it: For when you’re hitting that next level ambition.

Honorable Mentions:

From Charlie XCX and Ashley O to Ariana Grande and Bea Miller, these songs will have you taking on whatever your week throws at you. So grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and unleash your inner Lizzo. Did we miss your favorites? Let us know in the comments below and keep up with all things Uproar at @PeoplesRevolt.

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