12 Amazon Must-Haves: A Product Guide for the Lazy Girl

If last year didn't permanently turn you into a lazy queen, the beginning of 2021 might have. Thanks to an increase in remote working, strict COVID regulations, and less to do outside of the house, we've been forced to get accustomed to using less energy to do things. Whether that's a bad or good thing, we'll leave that decision up to you. However, this did lead us to a great idea.

We decided to put together some of our Amazon must-have items for the lazy girl (and some for the fellas, too), that fit to your new lifestyle.

1. Posture Corrector ($21.97)

Yes, this is for you, the girl who is (as of right now) slouching over just to read this blog post. You can keep reading, but now you can do it with the help of a posture corrector.

This is a genius product for all of us trapped in the digital age of smart -phones, tablets, and work from home situations.

It is a quick, adjustable, and minimal strap that you can use anytime of day when you are looking at your screen. You can wear it over or under your clothes and put it on all by yourself. No more slouching queen, your crown is falling.

2. Makeup Brush Cleaner ($19.99)

Although we haven’t had much reason to leave the house lately, there has been some occasional “dress up to go to my living room” days and random "full glam just cause" days. If your makeup brushes are suffering the consequences of those, this products is for you.

This makes cleaning your dirty makeup brushes easy and fun. It gets all the icky makeup and bacteria out of any size brush you have and dries it in just 10 seconds. Plus, it’s just so satisfying to see all the makeup come out of your brush.

3. Cute Sweatsuit Set ($29.98 - $36.98)

This is the epitome of “comfy and cute". Whether it’s work or play, we are home most of the time these days and dressing up can seem daunting, but we still want to feel good and confident. Get into one of these comfortable, and affordable sets that come in a variety of colors for a stylish at-home look.

Whether you're into tie-dye, neutrals, or bright colors, there's a set for you!

4. Waterproof Shower Speaker ($14.99)

This is by far one of the most impressive items on the list, especially for your music lovers. This waterproof bluetooth speaker is literally made for your shower concerts. All you have to do is connect your phone to the speaker using bluetooth and you are set for your main performance.

All buttons are accessible from the front of the product so you can adjust the volume and even skip a song from the shower. Oh, and for you workaholics out there, you can also take calls from your phone just have a reasoning as to why there's water sounds in the background.

5. Nail Polish Holder ($9.99)

If you've ever struggled with your at-home mani-pedi, fret no longer. This nail polish holder will make painting your own nails so much easier, especially the hand that you use the most. Nothing is worse than having one hand look freshly painted and the other like abstract art.

All you need to do is squeeze two fingers in the ring loops and place your nail polish on the top.

You no longer have to worry about your nail polish possibly spilling or getting shaky and messy. It also comes in over 16 colors.

6. Selfie Ring Light Phone Tripod ($21.99)

Need a little glow-up for your daily Zoom calls? Get this easy, portable, and bright LED tripod. It's perfect to put on flat surfaces like your desk or countertops and is about 10" tall.

There are 3 color modes (cool, warm white, and warm yellow) that have 10 brightness levels in each. It's also USB- powered and even comes with a bluetooth clicker so you can film and take photos without touching the camera! And it doesn't discriminate, it's compatible with both iPhone and Androids.

If you're looking for a smaller, cheaper ring light, there is also this selfie ring light that clips right on top of your smart device for just $13.99!

7. Car Phone Holder & Charger Adhesive ($26.99)

With this phone holder, you can say goodbye to low battery drives and swerving on the road just to look at directions on your phone. This mount knocks out two birds with one stone, as it holds and charges your cellular device. It also clamps onto your air vents making it easy for you to see your phone at an eye-level view while driving.

It is compatible with iPhone and Samsung and can be placed in vertically or horizontally. This is good for the striped vertical or horizontal air vents, so make sure to check yours out before you purchase. We know you all need one, especially for those who are always on-the-go, and this product will not disappoint!

8. No Touch Door Opener ($9.99)

Yes, you're seeing this right. This item is a door opener, stylus, and bottle opener all in one. This is very fitting for the COVID-19 season we are still in, making your daily interactions touchless.

If you need to touch key pads or open a door at the store, you no longer have to worry about the germs on the surface.

It comes as a 4 pack in 5 different colors with shades of grey, black, and gold. It's the perfect keychain accessory and is super affordable.

9. Drink/Mug Warmer ($29.99)

You know those moments where you forget about your hot drink and it feels like Antartica once you take your next sip? Those days are gone! Forget spending money on expensive water heaters or temperature controlled smart mugs. This product is next level.

The mug warmer is portable so you can take it from your desk to bedside, and has a waterproof design. It also comes in multiple colors to fit every liking. All you have to do is plug it in, and your drink will stay nice and warm!

10. Dipping Sauce Car Holder ($11.99)

From the hit entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank, comes to us Saucemoto. This in-car sauce holder has changed the game for us lazy girls who like to munch on fast-food in our car.

The Saucemoto is easily installed in your car with it's vent clip and you can get this product in a 2-pack, or if you want to go crazy, even a 10-pack! This is just one of those things you don't know you need until you see it.

11. Car Clothing Rack ($22.99)

This is for all the on-the-go girls like us, who have a back seat full of old clothes, jackets, and t-shirts for the "just in case" or "I might need more options" moments on the everyday grind.

This rod is retractable and can hold up to 50 Ibs. It can stretch from 36" to 60" and hangs on back seat handles, so it is suitable for any car. Oh, and did we mention, you can hang 80 t-shirts and 40 suits all at the same time! Okay, maybe that's excessive, but still, isn't that fascinating?

12. Adjustable Exercise Workstation Bike Desk ($299.99 - $349.99)

This next item may be a bit of an investment, but any work from home gals know that this will be worth it. Forget standing desks, FLEXISPOT has made it possible to work and exercise at the same time.

This bike is not only portable, but can be adjusted to your height, and has a soft sounding pedal to get those "steps" in without being distracted by the noise of a workout machine.

You can get the bike for as low as $299.99 with a white pedal and detached desk, or get the bike and desk attached together for $349.99. If you have to work anyway, why not be healthy doing it? We're just trying to help out with your New Year's resolution.

We feel like we can all take a deep breath knowing most of our lazy girl problems now have a solution. Excited to try some of these? Us too! Let us know which item you're most ready to scope out in the comments.

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