10 Proven Ways for Healthier and Stronger Hair

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Did you recently get a haircut you regret? Or maybe you haven't been successful in growing your hair? It can be a real struggle to grow your hair. The journey to healthy hair can be exhausting, but it IS possible. Hair usually only grows a quarter-inch per month but there are ways to speed up that process! If you want that 'long hair, don’t care' attitude, follow these steps and grow your hair in no time. Here's your ultimate guide to long, healthy hair.

Tip #1: Avoid Heat

The truth is, every time you use heat, your hair gets a little less healthy. Fun fact: long hair = healthy hair. Using too much heat can lead to heat damage, which stunts growth. Put the heating tools away and go natural!

Tip #2: Wash with Cold Water

When it comes to washing your hair, it's said that rinsing your ends with cold water helps grow it out. Apparently, coldwater helps with heat damage and moisture loss.

Tip #3: Oil Treatment

Treating your hair to oil treatments before you wash it is beneficial to hair growth. The best oils for hair growth are castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Mix all of these up and you've got yourself a hair growth potion! Messaging hot oils on your scalp before you wash your hair is great to stimulate hair growth. Just like magic.

Tip #4: Use a Lot of Conditioner

Rather than using more shampoo, use more conditioner. In order for your hair to grow, it needs to be moisturized and conditioner will help you do just that. You should use a conditioner every time you wash your hair to ensure that you're keeping moisture locked in.

Tip #5: Avoid Bleach

This goes without saying but bleach causes damage, especially to those with darker hair. Bleach and overly colored hair will likely break off or cause split ends, which means more trimming. Take a break from the blonde and ditch the bleach.

Tip #6: Getting Trims Frequently

Trimming your hair may sound a little scary, but it's important. Getting frequent trims ensures no split ends. It is suggested that you trim your hair an eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent split ends.

Tip #7: Brushing Gently

Be sure to brush your hair gently, especially when your hair is wet. When your hair is wet, start from the bottom and work your way up. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle long hair. Don’t be aggressive with it, okay? A natural boar-bristle brush is best for brushing your hair to distribute natural hair oils.

Tip #8: Consider Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair supplements are not a miracle hair growth solution. You should always consult a doctor before you try any of them. Vitamins that grow your hair and are also found in our bodies. They include Biotin, Vitamin A, C, D, and E, so you don’t necessarily need vitamins. Vitamins are for those who are not getting the proper amount of nutrients. Not getting enough vitamins can stunt your hair growth so make sure you stay healthy!

Tip #9: Use a Microfiber Towel

Did you know that when drying your hair, using a microfiber towel helps with preventing breakage? Now you do! Grab a super-thin microfiber towel or even a t-shirt when you hop out of the shower.

Tip# 10: Use a Silk Pillowcase

Growing your can happen overnight. No, but seriously! Use a silk pillowcase when sleeping to ensure that you're taking proper care of your hair. Doing so will cause less friction and breakage for when you toss and turn at night. Easy!

Ready to embrace that 'long hair, don't care' attitude? You should be because, with this guide, you're bound to see results in no time! If you have any questions, go to this Good Housekeeping website for more details. Good luck on your journey to long hair!

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