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We strive to provide a platform for voices to be heard and news to be shared. This is our latest passion project in the form of a blog - this is Uproar.

Savage Song Lyrics For Your Hot Girl Summer Posts

Do you hear that? It's the sizzling sound of a Hot Girl Summer making a comeback after its hiatus since 2020. There are no games to play this season, just sights to see and places to slay. To accompany your social media posts, here are our favorite savage song lyrics.

Good Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Fake Poke

Chances are there's probably been a new poke restaurant that opened in your area. The good news is it's a healthy option. The bad news is you aren't experiencing authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Here's what you should consider before you hop on the bandwagon of poke bowls.

The 10 Types of Guys That You'll Date In Dallas

Dating isn't easy. Add a city like Dallas to that and you start to realize it's even harder. From SMU frat boys to the guy with 99 qualifications, but a personality ain't one, most of the men in the pool of "eligible" singles easily fit in one of these categories.

Let's Get MoonLit: 5 Songs for Your Summer Night Drives by Artists You Need to Know

Did you know that taking a drive while listening to music can have a positive effect on one's mood and lead to better sleep? Summer nights don't get any better than that. So, we put together a list of must-have songs for a late-night playlist that's perfect for crusin' around.

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