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Inspired by culture. Written by creatives.


We strive to provide a platform for voices to be heard and news to be shared. This is our latest passion project in the form of a blog - this is Uproar.

Seasonal Depression: Are You Sad Or Are You SAD Sad?

The seasonal affective disorder is very common around this time of year. Many of us start to feel not like ourselves (and not just because of the mercury retrograde). We're sharing helpful tips on what to look out for, causes of the disorder, and how you can process it this season.

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True Crime Documentaries You Need to Watch This Fall

Spooky season is in full swing, and while horror films are all the rage, some of us would rather skip out on the fake blood and ghosts. So, we put together a list of the best true crime documentaries you should watch this fall.

5 Must-Have Artists for Your Cold Front Playlist

As the temperatures change, so will your music. Out with the Hot Girl Summer and in with the sweater weather jams. Whether you're prepping for holiday travels or getting cozy by the fireplace, here are some must-have artists to listen to.

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Simply Dress like a Millionaire: A Guide To Efficient Style

Simply put, simplifying your style can help you become the ultra-productive person you've always strived to be. Say goodbye to the phrase "I have nothing to wear." And say hello to your new styling guide.

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