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We strive to provide a platform for voices to be heard and news to be shared. This is our latest passion project in the form of a blog - this is Uproar.


Finding love isn't easy, let alone in a pandemic. With technology, continuing COVID restrictions, and everyday anxieties, dating right now can be overwhelming. Our writer walks us through all the barriers of love these days and how she's coping.

understanding the five love languages

Relationships are like plants, they need attention to live. Don't fall into the trap of loving someone in a way they don't receive love. In this blog, we break down all the love languages and how you can tailor to each and every one of them.

Valentine's Day: what your man really thinks of your gifts

If you're in a relationship, you might be questioning exactly what to get your man as a gift. Not only did we find some for you...plot twist: we asked a male to add his input on what men REALLY want for Valentine’s Day. Take a look for some insightful gift ideas for your man!

embracing your singleness

One thing society fails to focus on is how beautiful and impactful it is to be single, especially during the time of year when you are always expected to have “someone” to spend it with. What if this year, YOU were that someone? Join us as we learn how to embrace putting ourselves first.

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