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Trends That Have Gone Too Far: Pumpkin Spice & Everything (Not So) Nice

Pumpkin Spice has taken over the Fall season. The seasoning rose to popularity in the 2010s era of 'basic girls'. You know, the stereotypical PSL drinking, ugg wearing, girls. But over the years, the American consumer's love for all things pumpkin has evolved as more brands have released their own pumpkin spice flavored - or scented - items that. If you think you've seen it all...just wait. 

True Crime Documentaries You Need to Watch This Fall

While spooky season is in full swing, not everyone is into paranormal activity or pools of fake blood. Some of us are into the real thing: true crime. We're talking about the thrill of real-life events from the actions of serial killers, cult leaders, and other evil figures throughout history. Having watched just about every documentary on the subject, we curated a list of the best true crime documentaries you should see.


WARNING: Not for those who easily get nightmares.

What I Learned Being a DoorDash Driver for a Week

There are vast options of income on the market from food delivery services to pet walking. I decided to give one a try: DoorDash. I decided to sign up and document my experience for those who are also considering this type of job. Here is everything that I learned in my first week driving for DoorDash, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

6 Must-Have Artists For Your Fall Playlist

It's time to set the vibes as the cool days of fall are blowing in. What better way to do so than through the vibrations of music? If you're looking for some on-the-rise artists that you can be the first to share with your friends this season, we got you. Here are 6 artists that will bring all your fall fantasies to life. Each artist offers their own spunky twist on folk, alternative, and pop music.

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