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Clubhouse: My Experience With the New Voice-Based Social Media App

The latest social media app to hit the market is actually life-changing. Many have been raving about, including our writer who spent a week experience all it has to offer. Take a look into her digital journey and why she thinks Clubhouse is the new hot spot to be at.

What Happened to These Pop Culture Celebrities?

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite 2000s Disney Channel stars or the one-hit-wonders of the music world? We did too, so here's a list of iconic celebrities who simply secured the bag and then just went off the grid in their own respective areas. 

Brittney Kay: Mukbang with Waitress Turned YouTube Beauty Guru

This Dallas-based social media influencer is widely known for her makeup tutorials and story-times on YouTube. You may have came across her on your timeline, but we got the chance to sit down and talk about her journey from Hooters, "love bugs", influencer friendship, and more via Mukbang. 

Five Signs Your Match Will Lead to a Second Date

Less than one percent of the matches you make on a dating app will lead to an actual date. So how do you move from someone turning into just another one of your Instagram-story viewers into something more serious? Here enters the second date.

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