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We strive to provide a platform for voices to be heard and news to be shared. This is our latest passion project in the form of a blog - this is Uproar.

Lip Fillers: What to Know Before Getting the Perfect Pout

Thanks to the Kardashians and just about every influencer on the 'gram, lip fillers are the new boob job. Many people want to get injections for various reason from solving problems with their insecurities to enhancing their looks. We're not judging, just educating you on 5 things to consider before going under the needle.

Is Majoring in the Arts Worth it?

Back to school for college students means one step closer to deciding on a major. For the creatives, majoring in the arts may seem like an unrealistic option. But, we're shedding light on the stereotypes of art majors and sharing some tips to help you decide if the path is meant for you.

Pretty Boy Aaron: Dallas's Hidden Musical Gem

Meet one of Dallas's hottest upcoming musicians, Pretty Boy Aaron. Why is he so hot? Because he went from creating beats for short films to making his own music as an artist. We got the chance to sit down with Pretty Boy Aaron to share more about his legendary story.

How the iPad Can Boost Your GPA

Did you know the iPad can actually make you a better student? We can all take a moment of silence for living in the digital age. Here are the 3 main reasons having an iPad can make you go from average collegiate to summa cum laude (at your own discretion, of course).

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